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Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 10:44 PM
Hi I'm back!

So. Yes. I've been VERY, VERY busy. I've actually been developing a new website.


So for now, I'll do something extremely unusual uploading - I'll upload....

MY COMIC BOOK process drawings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I'll be uploading drawings from time to time in relevance to a comic book I'm trying to start up COMPLETELY from scratch. I'm thinking this will branch into another comic book idea I've been developing with Rosalyn recently.

Hopefully I still have people around watching over my blog and enjoying my stuff :D !!!

Will upload some drawings soon! This blog post has been very jumbly so forgive me :)

I will definitely be uploading illustrative work soon separate from the comic book.

Some notes on the comic book:
  • I don't normally draw comic book style so I'll be doing my best and trying something new :)
  • I've always been interested in making a comic book since I was a kid so this will be awesome.
  • The comic book will be about a male protagonist, 'super hero' guy. He's basically a one-man army. DON'T STEAL MY IDEA!
  • He also wears a sort of mask, and this is going to be set in the modern times :)
Hopefully I finish my website soon and we'll move there instead :)

Love you all!

Vivid Sydney 2011! ... I MADE A POSTER.
Monday, June 13, 2011 at 7:52 PM
Hello again, loyal visitors to my blog :)
If you live in Sydney you'd absolutely know what VIVID SYDNEY is all about. For those of you who don't know squat it's essentially a light festival. Anyhow, I was very inspired by the festival so I made my own POSTER of Vivid Sydney, using my own photographs, editing and what not. I completed it in an hour or somethinz. This is completely MY material and MY variation/take on Vivid Sydney. It's really just for fun.

I think its a bit heavy sided from the bottom, but I'm pretty lazy to fix that. I made sure that the text interacted with the image background whilst optically centering the
overall composition. I'm quite proud of this.

The original photo used as the 'background'

So there we go. I hope you all enjoy. Seeya!

Vivid Sydney 2011!
at 5:28 PM
Welcome back.

Hey so it has been a long while since you've last seen me post anything up. Sorry for the disappointment. I've also been sick... but I've recovered now thanks :) I'm not dead! Here are some photos to celebrate my return... and soon actual design/illustration work. TRUST ME. Also I figured I'd give the photos more personality... Rather than just taking blind shots of the main displays

Mmmmmmm. *pluck

I like the strobe effect :D

The fabric felt so nice...

Something a little abstract.

THE ALMIGHTY. Slight modifications with levels~

Again, slight modifications.

I've grown a liking to long exposures.

If only this was centered.

That is it for now... OH WAIT I made something, hang on. Enjoy for now.

Off with their Heads - Matches
Sunday, May 15, 2011 at 1:44 PM
A while ago I mentioned how I assigned myself personal projects to work on... to upload. WHAT YOU'RE ABOUT TO SEE is a project that I actually completed QUITE A WHILE AGO but again found it difficult to upload, what with little time on my hands. Without further delay:

Copyrighted. 2011. MINE.

The RED QUEEN. Yes so I worked really hard on this... sort of, a while ago (when my skills weren't that polished) I did come back to this and re-edited it a bit more, making some minor improvements. There's heaps I can probably fix but I think I'll leave it as it is. A lot of filters and blurs and all that fun and joy were put into effect and YES I'm liking this a lot :) I'll be printing actual boxes of these :)

A side note on the whole idea:
  • Playing with a box of matches... I realised how similar the character looked like the Red Q.
  • I draw some sketches and thumbnails before execution
  • I took my own photo of a box of Red Queen matches; original work, original creation.
  • I'd upload the process work to make this... But I don't think I will.

BY THE WAY: THIS IS THE RED QUEEN FROM ALICE IN WONDERLAND (2010) - Tim Burton's interpretation.


CityRail Photo Montage
Saturday, May 14, 2011 at 1:24 PM
On some particular days, I often go out to meet up with Rosalyn to train it back with her from uni :) Because of that I can usually be seen wondering around at Redfern Station time to time. However one day, I thought how momentous of an occasion this was and began taking photos using my phone (HTC Desire HD) WITH the oh-so-fun filters that came with the inbuilt camera. I can tell you that the photos are relatively crisp...

My goal here was to create a montage showing off the peculiarities and different perspectives of Redfern Station. I wanted to get around to this quite a while ago but never had the time to do so.

'Pattern and Similarities' Montage

I'd say I was trying to tell a really ambiguous story about Redfern Station, Platform 6 in the above image. Yes, all of these photos WERE taken with my phone using the filters. No edits. I quite like the interesting shots I took and found it even more cool how there was just so many interesting things to photograph.


Simon's Birthday Poster.
Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 11:05 PM
Yes. This dude (the birthday boy) had a poster designed for his own birthday! Isn't that cool? Luckily I was given the task to complete this for him. The poster was done quite a while ago (if you're able to make out the date on the poster) and unfortunately I haven't had time to post this up, and sort of half the fact that I forgot...

I was given the creative freedom for this particular task and I think I did a pretty good job, considering I had completed this in one sitting that particular night. It feels great completing these sorts of projects and I [indirectly] received decent comments about it. Oh, and this was used as the Facebook event page so many were able to see it there.

What could I have improved on? Many things really, but usually for these sort of projects I shouldn't really unleash full-on experimental concepts because it just didn't suit who I was actually designing this for and the sort of occasion. If I had to name a few improvements they would be aimed towards: font selection, placement of text and maybe the use of a grid or something.

I'm rather proud of this! Then again, anything I'd post up here will be in my favour and will burn my eyes a few years later or so when I get better :P

I've been getting a lot of page views! THANK YOU ALL!! Share this blog around please! AND YES I do design/illustration for clients!

Enjoy :)

photographic article
at 2:25 PM
With the current technology to transport passengers into outer space, it has and will continue to raise many inquiries and ideas to work in conjunction with space travel, and the possible creative opportunities that can come out of this. Now I may be speaking out of my own curiosity but I've often wondered what it'd be like for a professional photographer to be sent into outer space. Obviously they would be required to do all of the training, however, would they need to learn a new set of rules in order to even make photography possible in this new, vast environment?

Will the concept of photography (as we now know it) render as something totally different in this new open space? What about the tripod set up? Lighting? These questions are perfectly arguable and can only satisfy my senses if answered by those truly wholesome about photography.

And, even if they were able to leave the spacecraft from within a gravity-less space, what would they even photograph...? What creative compositional thought would be running through their heads? That's what I would love to find out and get my head into. I mean, I know some would much rather get into the mind of say cinematographer master James Cameron (Oprah Winfrey to be exact!) And some would want to know what the man who invented the wheel was thinking; both very creative geniuses in their own respective fields!

I think this sort of 'thought' or 'psyche' is what drives me to be as most creative as I can be with my uni work, with the facilities and equipment I've got around me. Full extent.

This applies to everything else too. Hope this was an interesting read for you all and hope you have a great day whenever you read this. This has been a spontaneous writing by yours truly.

Enjoy :)